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 RULES!! Read them... They make the search for the phoenix easier...

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PostSubject: RULES!! Read them... They make the search for the phoenix easier...   Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:32 pm

What do we expect from you, as an investigator?

* Mutual respect betwen all investigators. This means you won't ever start a discussion with someone else while making advantage of someone else's behaviour, possible physical or mental handicaps, race or gender.
* Spend your first 10 minutes exploring the forums without posting anything. Get to know the structure of the forums and explore the search-option and the private messages. If existing topics and the search-option cannot help you, please feel free to post a new topic with a clear description

* If you're gonna post an answer in topics where someone is asking something, please make sure you're answer is really helping and useful.
*Don't post solutions @ clues and no clues @ solutions.
*Use spoiler tags to hide clues and solutions.

What other rules do we have?

* You're not allowed to spam the forums with (paid or unpaid) adverts, job-applications, chain-mails, useless topics or certain internet-sites.
* You're not allowed to post images or text that are copyrighted without mentioning the source and/or author.
* You're not allowed to offer (or ask for) illegale software or other ways to circumvent, copy, distribute of alter copyrighted materials. When we find out about this (either in a topic or using private messaging), you will be immediately kicked of the forum.
* You're not allowed to post other discriminating, threatening, sexually explicit, shocking or calumniating messages or images.
* You're not allowed to post personal information (name, address, phone-number, etc...) regardless of yourself or others.
* You're not allowed to have multiple accounts; every account after your first one will be shut down immediately.

What to expect when violating these rules?
If you're unable to obey the rules, moderators, super moderators and even the owners of i3d might come into action:

* Messages can be adjusted, leaving a very short description of the violation/reason.
* Messages can be removed; this will usually happen if we think it's 100% in violation of the rules.
* You can expect private messages from the moderators; please put in your profile that you want to receive private messages. If we cannot send you a message, your account will be locked for a pre-determined period.
* After several warnings, we will discuss your future presence no this forum in a private sub-forum.

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RULES!! Read them... They make the search for the phoenix easier...
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